At the University of Amsterdam I have developed and taught several courses in the BA (e.g., Introduction to statistics, Education and Work), in the MA (Advanced Quantitative Data Analysis, Master thesis supervision), and in the Research Master Social Sciences (Replication in Quantitative Social Sciences, Fixed and Random Effects, Thesis supervision). I have taught several courses on social stratification, inequality, research methodology, and quantitative methods. About teaching replication methods I have written an academic article in Teaching Sociology, together with Dragana Stojmenovske, who was a student in the first run of the course, and Thomas Leopold, with whom I developed the course.
I also supervise PhD theses as Promotor and Co-Promotor. For more information, please see my CV. I currently supervise:
  • Dieuwke Zwier (Promotor, 2019-now)
    Project: “Social networks and educational inequality in the transition from primary to secondary education”
  • Christoph Janietz (Promotor, 2018-now)
    Project: “Occupations, Organizations, and Wage Inequality”
  • Bram Hogendoorn (Co-promotor, 2017-now)
    Project: “Divorce and inequality: A risk and vulnerability approach”
  • Lotte Scheeren (Co-promotor, 2015-now)
    Project: “Educational tracking and gender inequality in education.”
  • Francisco Ceron (Co-promotor, 2014-now)
    Project: “Educational inequality in Chile.”
  • Gert-Jan Veerman (Co-promotor, defended on June 1, 2017)
    Dissertation: “Ethnic School Composition, School Performance and Classroom Behaviour in Western Societies.”