Please find all my replication files under Publications, here you’ll find information on data that I have gathered or helped gathering. 
Educational systems database
The data on educational systems have been gathered by Herman van de Werfhorst and myself for different papers (see Publications). We update the data whenever necessary. The data we used for our 2013 publication in Comparative Education Review (“Educational Systems and the Trade-off Between Labor Market Allocation and Equality of Educational Opportunity”) was version 3. In the meantime we slightly adjusted the “tracking” variable. On this website, version 4 of the data on educational systems is available (last update November 2014). You can download the data as *.zip file here.
Three generations database
Together with Matthijs Kalmijn I have created a survey that was a module in the LISS Panel in 2014. In this survey we have gathered detailed information on the educational, cultural and occupational resources of parents and grandparents, as well as the educational and occupational outcomes of grandchildren. Furthermore, we have information about the relationship between the grandparents and a grandchild, in order to test hypotheses about heterogeneity in the grandparent effect. The data are freely available for download here, once you have registered.